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Impressions, stories, news and information on the Polar regions are available via a wide range of resources, including national newspapers, adventure books, paintings, photographic collections, classroom teaching and academic publications. This section provides brief guidance on where to find out more about the South Pole via online, published and filmed resources; artists and photographers working in the region; how national programs support educational trips to Antarctica; and where to go to find materials for educational outreach.


The United States Antarctic Program (USAP) publicizes news about scientific work and life at US stations in Antarctica, including Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station. The South Pole webcam streams live imagery from the station. USAP also supports the Antarctic Sun newspaper, which informs readers on the latest USAP activities, tourist news, Antarctic science and stories from people working in Antarctica.


A wide range of arts have drawn inspiration from the South Pole, including novels, films, painting and photographic projects. Many of these projects were supported by the  US National Science Foundation’s Antarctic Artists and Writers Program, which provides opportunities for professional artists and writers to travel to Antarctica. Recently supported activities include a book providing a comprehensive account of Dark Energy research, for which the author Richard Panek travelled to the South Pole to visit the South Pole Telescope and interview scientists working on the project. The program has also supported the filming of the documentary “Encounters at the End of the World”, by Werner Herzog in 2007 that includes footage collected at the South Pole.

Education and Outreach

In recent years specialized programs on Antarctica (and the Arctic) have been added to curricula at many schools, colleges and universities around the world. Useful resources on Education and Outreach, which include links to posters, lectures and Question and Answer pages, are found on NSF's website.