A Management Plan for the South Pole ASMA (Adobe PDF) was first adopted by the Antarctic Treaty Parties in 2007. This document sets out the management activities which are to be undertaken to achieve the objectives of the ASMA, and provides a Code of Conduct for the various activities occurring within the Area. Special zones and Sectors are also defined in the Management Plan in order to manage the multiple activities occurring in different parts of the ASMA.

The policies for non-governmental and private expedition activities in the 2007 Management Plan are currently under review by the US Antarctic Program (USAP) to ensure the impact of any increase in visitors to the South Pole for these purposes are minimized. Recently, owing to the elevated interest and activities at the South Pole because of the centenaries of Amundsen’s and Scott’s expeditions, informal revisions have been made to the arrangements for managing tourism and private expeditions within the ASMA, in particular near the station. These changes are reflected in the updated maps provided on this site, although the revisions to the management plan have yet to be formalized and adopted by the Antarctic Treaty Parties. In the meantime, such expeditions are requested to comply voluntarily with the new arrangements. Any queries about procedures should be directed to the Management Group contact.