Important map notes

  • Four maps were adopted with the Management Plan in 2007.
  • Since 2007 some significant operational changes have occured - e.g. skiway.
  • Interim map updates have been made to show the most substantial changes. The updated maps provided here should be used in preference to those in the Management Plan, which will be updated with the revised Management Plan currently under review.
  • Two versions of the maps are provided, all of which include the updates: black & white, based on the Management Plan; and color, intended for general use.
  • Because ice and facilities at the South Pole are moving, a Local Grid is used to define ASMA Zone and Sector boundaries. Local Grid bearings remain consistent relative to facilities at the Pole and the Zone and Sector boundaries move with the Local Grid. Local Grid North aligns with the Greenwich meridian (0ยบ). Thus, the offset of the Local Grid from the true geographical grid changes over time.

Summary of Map Status

Since adoption of the ASMA Management Plan in 2007 some significant operational changes have occurred at the South Pole. For example, the former geodesic dome at the station has been demolished and removed, and the new Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station has been completed. The ski-way has been shifted further from the Clean Air Sector, and there have been revisions to local arrangements for non-governmental expeditions. Moreover, as the ice sheet is shifting at a rate of ~10 m per year, the position of everything relative to the Geographical South Pole has also changed. Updates to the maps have been made in 2011 and 2016 to capture the most important of these changes.

The original maps adopted with the Management Plan in 2007 remain attached to the plan available from the Antarctic Treaty Secretariat, although users should be aware these are no longer current. These will be replaced when the formal and more comprehensive revisions to mapping are completed with the review of the Management Plan that is currently underway. The final new maps will be adopted when the revised plan is formally agreed by the Antarctic Treaty Parties. In the interim, the maps provided here are the most up-to-date available and these should be used by preference.