Quick profile:

  • Designated to manage multiple activities and protect the South Pole environment
  • Extends 150 km from the geographic South Pole
  • Covers an area of 26,283 km2
  • Four sectors: Dark, Quiet, Clean Air and Downwind
  • Five Zones: Scientific, Historic, Operations, Hazardous and De-motorized
  • Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station accommodates up to 250 personnel in summer

The Antarctic Treaty Parties designated the region around the South Pole as Antarctic Specially Managed Area (ASMA) No. 5 in 2007 in order to maximize the valuable scientific opportunities at the Pole, protect the near-pristine environment, and ensure that all activities can be conducted safely, environmentally responsibly and without disruption to scientific programs.

This website provides information about the management measures that have been agreed to help coordinate activities and protect the important values of the South Pole.